From small beginnings to big impact: our 20th anniversary

It’s 2004 — there’s a flip phone in your pocket, Destiny’s Child is playing on the radio and the Knowledge Institute opened its doors this summer. Or rather, the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health opened its doors in June 2004 thanks to the advocacy of our founders Simon Davidson and Ian Manion. Simon and Ian had a shared vision for what coordinated mental health services could look like for children and young people in Ontario and the opportunity to bring that vision to life.  

Through a name change and two decades, we carry on that work today with our partners in the child and youth mental health and addictions sector and beyond. We know that children and young people don’t live in one sector, so neither can our work.  

Twenty years is a lot to celebrate in one day so join us all month long as we reflect on our progress and dream of what the future can look like. To start, discover the strategic plan that will bring our work into the next decade.