Formerly known as the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health. Since 2004, we’ve supported Ontario child and youth mental health agencies, communities and decision makers to help young people in our province develop in ways that expand their future opportunities and ensure lifelong mental health.

In 2021, we took on a new name and brand identity to better reflect our existing and evolving role in child and youth mental health and addictions care. We’ve always adapted to meet our sector’s evolving needs, and now we’re focusing even more on understanding and addressing the intersections that create complex, multi-faceted mental health needs. This includes the overlaps between mental health and substance use and addictive behaviours.

The Knowledge Institute is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and is a provincial program and department of CHEO.

Want to learn more about our history? Read about key milestones from our first 15 years.


The best mental health and well-being for every child, young person and family.


We drive high-quality, evidence-based child and youth mental health and addictions services for Ontario's children, young people and families.

What we do

Our approach and our work are anchored by two core goals: to mobilize knowledge and improve quality across Ontario's child and youth mental health and addictions sector.