Strategic directions 2019-22

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Mobilize knowledge

We bring people and knowledge together to strengthen mental health and addictions care.

Improve quality

We help to ensure consistency and continuous improvement in child and youth mental health and addictions agencies and across the system.

Age ranges

Focus areas

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In 2018 we launched a new five-year strategic plan, and since then, we have sharpened our focus and doubled down on our commitment to mobilize knowledge and improve quality across the child and youth mental health sector.

Our work currently focuses on the following key areas:

Recognizing that the needs of babies are different from those of teenagers, our work responds to issues facing the various developmental age ranges:

  • early years (birth to age 6)
  • middle years (ages 7 to 12)
  • teen years (ages 13 to 18)
  • transitional years (ages 19 to 25)

Annual impact reports