Extend your reach with our new knowledge mobilization (KMb) quick guide

Are you looking to share the latest evidence with the right people at the right time? Our new resource, “Extend your reach: A quick guide to planning your knowledge mobilization initiative” can help. This practical tool outlines steps for planning and carrying out your knowledge mobilization activities. It includes:  

  • Tips on how to collaborate with key partners to plan and organize your KMb initiative.   
  • Tailored KMb planning strategies to help you create custom KMb plans for different audiences and ensure your messages are suited to their specific needs.  
  • Skill building materials to train new team members on the best ways to plan and implement KMb strategies effectively.

You’ll also find the engagement planning tool and the knowledge mobilization planning matrix on our resource hub page to support your KMB activities. Those new resources are complementary to our KMb toolkit – Doing more with what you know, which we updated last year.  

Knowledge mobilization (KMb) is about making sure that information and evidence are accessible, understandable and useful for those who need it.

By working together to bridge the gap between evidence and practice, we can achieve better outcomes for infants, children, young people, and families in our sector. Check out our KMb quick planning guide to get started.

Discover our guide now!