Getting oriented: An introduction to the quality standards for youth and family engagement

You heard about the new quality standards for youth and family engagement we launched a few weeks ago, and you’re now wondering what your implementation journey should look like and where to start? It’s time to watch our orientation webinars!

These pre-recorded webinars are geared toward organizations and communities interested in implementing either the quality standard for youth engagement or the quality standard for family engagement (or both). The webinars are intended to provide an orientation to the quality standards. You may find them particularly valuable if you are:

  • an organizational or community leader in the child and youth mental health sector trying to determine if or how to implement one or both quality standards.
  • a core team member tasked with implementing one or both quality standards in your organization or community.
  • an engagement lead or direct service provider who would like to incorporate the principles of the quality standards into your work.
  • simply interested in learning more about the quality standards for youth and family engagement.

Even — and perhaps especially — if you are not currently participating in our quality standards coaching program, these webinars can help you prepare to implement the quality standards by:

  • defining terminology used in the quality standards and supporting resources
  • introducing the quality standards, their purpose and value
  • describing the implementation process — and how it can be adapted to fit you
  • introducing the measurement survey and how to access it
  • listing other resources that are available (or soon will be) to guide implementation and how they can be of use

So, take the time to get oriented today, and then get in touch with our engagement team if you have questions or would like to learn more about our coaching program.

Youth engagement quality standard orientation

Family engagement quality standard orientation