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New resource for service providers guides conversations on harm reduction for young people and families ahead of holiday season

Navigating mental health, substance use and addiction services and information poses challenges for young people and families. In response, our latest resource Harm Reduction and Young People, offers insights into effective strategies for minimizing harms associated with substance use. 

Designed as a guide for service providers that can be shared with young people and families, this resource equips them with essential knowledge so they can engage in meaningful conversations and foster environments that better supports harm reduction efforts. As the holiday season approaches, the timing of this resource creates an opportunity to review current practices and hold space for conversations about reducing harms associated with substance use during festive get-togethers. 

This resource follows our report on the substance use and addictions consultations we held earlier this year, which has informed our work on this topic. Keep an eye out for additional resources to support the mental health and well-being of young people and families in Ontario.