Our measures database is an online directory that profiles a growing number of measures related to child and youth mental health and program evaluation. This online tool is free to access.


We hope that this database will serve as a useful resource in your selection of a measurement tool. While we do our best to keep the information up to date and accurate, measures are often revised and updated. The database is not meant to take the place of conducting your own thorough search of a measure you are looking to use. To learn more about the measurement tool that interests you, we encourage you to contact the tool's author(s) or publisher(s).

We have included copies of publicly available tools as attachments. Please verify and abide by any copyright restrictions or requirements for permission from the author(s) or publisher(s) to use any measures not lawfully in the public domain.

Please note that including a tool in our measures database does not constitute our endorsement of the tool.

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